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I'm a 33 year old man.. I have one girl. I really dont do much..I only have a hand full of friends..I like being in committed longest has only lasted 3 1/2 year I have no car or job but working on that...i just started going to church I want to help feed the people that's me..

Ką aš veikiu gyvenime

I most likely chill at the pad till nite time then go see what's up wit the boys if they good or need anything I like to go check up on the homeless see if there's anything I could help with....

Ką aš gerai sugebu

I'm good at a lot of things it depends on what I'm doing or what's going on..I'm pretty pretty good at love makeing lol jk...🤗

Mėgstamiausi filmai, knygos, serialai, dainos, maistas

I Kant say a sertine thing couse theres a lot of moves n books I insperration comes from the way I live my like n how I came up..

Ką aš veikiu savaitgaliais

Watch TV n hit the block

Kokie žmonės man patinka

Almost all kinds likes to chill calm have a good time

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