Fire element

General info about Fire

Each of the 12 animal signs within the Chinese zodiac is associated with one of the five elements. This is known as the fixed element of the sign. The animal signs related to the Fire Element are the Snake, and the Horse. Generally, the fixed Fire element determines a very strong sense of confidence, leadership and a strong personality. People born under the Fire element will be seen and heard; they will be active, social, confident and very capable of holding their own. Additionally, each animal sign is further divided into the five sub-elements, depending on the year that the sign occurs. Those born under the yearly Fire sub-element will have the following characteristics:

      Charismatic and attractive
      Commanding presence
      Highly intelligent and knowledgeable
      Passionate and enthusiastic
      Ambitious and self-motivated
      Adventurous, thrill seekers
      Likes a challenge and driven by risk
      Expressive and has dynamic speech
      Motivators, likely to inspire others to action
      Creative, innovative
      Born to be leaders
      Dislikes being alone, and may seek for attention
      Restless and impatient
      Insensitive and inconsiderate of others
      Can be manipulative
      Susceptible to mood swings
      Too aggressive and dominating
      Impulsive and volatile
      Tendency to rush into things without thinking
Zodiac signs (yang) Horse
Zodiac signs (yin) Snake
Hours 9am-1pm
Seasons Summer
Climate Heat
Colors Red
Numbers 2, 7
Directions South
Organs (yang) Small Intestine
Organs (yin) Heart
Body Part Blood Vessels
Sense Organs Tongue
Diseases Hot
Tastes Bitter
Smell Scorched
Sounds Laughing
Emotion Joy
Mental Quality Creativity
Energy Expansive
Planets Mars
Heavenly Creatures Vermilion Bird
Heavenly Stems Bing Ding
Year ends with 6, 7
Personality Propriety
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